Beginning to normalize

I am back at it. Back at work, back at reading and writing regularly.

To say life has been strange would be an understatement. The Covid isolation over this past year messed with my head. Although I didn’t feel depressed, all the signs weren’t in a good space. So I stopped, or almost ceased, reading and writing, two of my favourite past-times, or so they were until this Covid-19 became a thing.

I returned to the office two weeks ago, but then, I took a stay-cation where I relaxed, read, and wrote. The vacation was just what the doctor ordered; it recharged my batteries and got me doing my fun stuff. As a result, I must say that my spirits have significantly improved.

I got my two vaccines, and by week’s end, they will be fully covered. Well, as much as one can be anyway. I  will soon be able to meet up with my friends again. God, I miss my hugs. Life is gradually becoming the new normal.
—Robert Confiant 29 June 2021

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