On the go

I have three stories on the go: my memoir, my thriller and a ya fantasy sequel. I edited all my works this past weekend. It was only grammar corrections but a productive weekend. Now, I feel as if I  can complete my memoir, then return to work on the other two novels.

My memoir is almost complete. I need to revise it by tightening up some areas while expanding on other ideas.

The novels are partially completed and have been for quite a long time. Although, I do have a rough outline for both books.

It is good to be writing again. Life is slowly getting back to some form of normality; my spirits have greatly improved because life is returning to something I can live.

I wasn’t dealing well with the Covid-19 isolation. I stopped doing the things I love to do, namely, reading, writing, and chilling with friends, to name a few. Although, it isn’t entirely over, nor will it before me. I think I  will always wear a mask while I am out in public. Other than the mask bit, I  am hoping to put Covid-19 behind me.
—Robert Confiant 9 July 2021

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