Study, study, study

I am taking a writing course on Udemy called “Complete Creative Writing – All Genres.” The course consists of five areas: Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Creative Non-Fiction, and Creating a Digital Portfolio (I am almost finished with the Drama section).

If you take the course seriously, and I do, it’s a lot of work (a lot of writing), which as a writer, is good.

I got stuck on the Sonnet section, and now, I am stuck on the Drama section. Namely, I have to complete the last script, and I cannot seem to get an idea for the play. I was hoping to complete the section this weekend, but I don’t wish to rush it or cheat and move onward in the course.

I will write this weekend. I was off this week, so I sped up on the Drama section and did two or three days in one day. I still have a few daily “Writing Journals” to complete. I have decided to work on the planning stages (assignments) for my final script.

I wish I had some inkling of the theme or subject of the play before trying to work on the assignments for the final project of the Drama section.

If it takes until next weekend to start the Creative Non-Fiction section, then so be it. I would instead take my time than rush my studies.

The course is excellent, by the way. I have learned a lot, and my writing is improving.

I took up writing as a craft more seriously ten or fifteen years ago. I have been writing ever since, and it has been a joy. I only wish I never gave writing up in my youth, but I was in a dark mood and felt my writing wasn’t helping.

In hindsight, I believed I erred; on the contrary, my writing would have provided an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. Oh well, I can’t undo things now – so there is no sense dwelling on what I cannot change; that’s life.

The important thing is that I returned to writing and found my new vocation, albeit a little late in life – better late than never, I guess.
—Robert Confiant 30 October 2021

30th October, wtf, where did the time go?

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