What’s it all about?

What’s it all about – this thing called “Life”? I wonder sometimes. 

I studied both science and philosophy while I attended university (I did better in  my philosophy courses, if truth be told). I enjoyed both fields of study.

Throughout history, humankind has also strived to find the meaning of life. I haven’t, since my school days, really, but every so often… I wonder. The thought is fleeting, and I never get too deep; I am a pragmatist – life is life – “it is what it is” kind of guy.

Oh sure, I could possibly debate the topic with either science or religion, but what if the truth lies not between one and the other fields of study? What if the truth is between these two fields, or what if it is neither of these? That’s what I think of some days. The debate could shatter some minds (I didn’t want to say, “Blow one’s mind”; it gets redundant)🤣, if one were to be obsessed by such thinking.

I think the truth is either a mixture of science or religion like two heads of the same coin, or the truth likes beyond science and religion. In science, when a theory doesn’t explain all the know facts and/or doesn’t carry sound predictions, then it is not the correct theory. Indeed, there is likely a hierarchical theory above that lessor theory, which is truer to reality.

For me, I think the search for the meaning of life is hierarchical and that its search is beyond the scope of either science or religion. How is that for a philosophical discussion at 5:30 in the morning (for me)?🤣🤣
—Robert Confiant 2 November 2021

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