My new book: Chapter 1 (This sneak peek only)

Chapter 1 Groggy, that's what I feel when I awake. I reach for the alarm; I am tempted to toss it across the room. Instead, I turn it off. I want to sleep - just one more hour. I bury my head under my pillow. Lucy hops onto the bed pacing back and forth. "Fuck, she needs … Continue reading My new book: Chapter 1 (This sneak peek only)

What’s in my crazy head sometimes

I once took a Philosophy of Science-Fiction course at university. In it we would discuss some of the philosophical topic which the story related. If you are a reader of Sci-Fi, then you will note some time travel paradox, or some moral imperative dilemma which is discussed or debated, and/or is in need to be … Continue reading What’s in my crazy head sometimes

Books I wish that I read before I took up writing

As many of you are aware, I am writing the second book of a series. In the series, I created the scenario where there is 10 years in Lendaw for every 1 year of Earth. I wish I had done this differently as I find this time frame a bit restrictive. After I self published … Continue reading Books I wish that I read before I took up writing

Metaphysics and all that

Have you ever wondered what it's all about – This thing called life? I was religious growing up. I even considered the priesthood once upon a time. In university, I took philosophy as my electives. The philosophy courses were interesting. I took women issues, a philosophy of Science Fiction, Metaphysics (the study of reality and being), … Continue reading Metaphysics and all that

I am working on Book 2

Editing I am diligently working on book 2 of my Lendaw series. In the big write up, I am editing the first seven chapters I have previously written. This morning, I completed chapter titles and one line synapses for each chapter. I do this using EverNote as I have access to the app while I take transit. These may … Continue reading I am working on Book 2

Lendaw Book 2: Fire Dragon Prologue

Vaenn looked contemptuously at Gerek. It was a mistake to escort the Dwaran. Such a loathsome creature. Vaenn called it a Dwaran, for there was no name for a creature such as he; after this venture, she hoped she never would see another like it again. The half-human and half-dwarf mix made for a creature … Continue reading Lendaw Book 2: Fire Dragon Prologue

Article on plotlines

As a writer, I am always on the lookout for interesting articles (sometimes books) on improving one's writing. I have discovered an interesting video on Youtube which discusses the importance of plotlines. This is directed to screenplays, but it is relevant to storylines as well. Here is the video: The video uses the example … Continue reading Article on plotlines