My cat gave us a scare

My partner called me at work to tell me Terra, my cat was throwing up a lot yesterday. I have to say, “I was a bit worried.” However, when I returned home, she was eating and then she went to lie down. The stuff in her litter this morning told me there were no issues in that department. Still, I will keep a watch out for the next few days and take her to the vet next week if I need to.

Terra block

Terra is not a lap Kittie. She’s never been one. She likes having someone around, but other than a few moments of affection, she just doesn’t her thing (mainly sleep). She is getting older and she is a bit more affectionate than when she was younger, but that’s it.
I can t we Lloyd she enjoys having someone home because she is a different cat since my partner came into the picture almost seven and a half years now. She seems more comforted (I worked long days with a fairly long commute and if I went out, then I wouldn’t get home until 8 or 9 pm, but this was only once or twice a week – sometimes three). That’s a long time for a cat to be alone. That has all changed now and Terra seems happier.

Terra is getting older one day she will get really old and possibly sick. I know that day is coming. I am not looking forward to it, but it is in the back of my mind. Hopefully, it is still a long way off.

Terra may not be the most affectionate cat, but she’s a good girl. I would miss her if she were gone.
—Robert Confiant 24 January 2019

I feel like crap


frustrationI feel like crap, but I went into work anyway. I figured its Friday, so I might as well drag my ass into work. This being shorthanded thing is getting tiresome. And, it looks like they won’t be hiring anytime soon (In the New Year maybe). Oh well, I took the first week off in January.

I plan on sleeping most of the day tomorrow to shake it off. It’s nothing serious. It’s just a touch of congestion. Terra will like it. She will end up sleeping with me on the bed rather than her usual haunts: her box, the footstool, or my other half’s computer chair.

I hope to feel up to working on another chapter. I am still trying to balance the reading and writing tasks with my everyday life. I’ve already beat my Goodreads goal of this year. I will have to boost my goal to 40 books next year, but I may reach that goal this year. If I do, then I will make goal to read, or reread 52 books next year.

Other than these, not much is new. It’s the same old routine. I don’t have an exciting life. It’s pretty routine (Work, eat, sleep with reading, writing and some socializing thrown in).

Well, back to my reading. I am reading “This is Kind of an Epic Love Story,” by Kheryn Callender, so far, so good.
—Robert Confiant 2 November 2018

I tackled the cat

I tackled the cat the other day, so that I could do her front claws (It’s a process as she doesn’t like me clipping her nails). I wrestled her in the bathroom because I didn’t want her to escape. I locked her in with me. After I wrapped her in a towel, I began to clip her nail. She squirmed a bit, but then she settled down and let me clip them (The two on the sides were quite big as she would not let me clip them last time).

Terra block

Terra’s a funny girl. Every time I go to clip her nails she fights me. And every time I tell her that if she didn’t fight me, it would be over in a few moments. She gets upset with me afterwards, and she keeps her distance from me, but I can tell that she likes them clipped the next day (Especially, if I let them get too big).

Terra’s been sleeping with me a lot them past few days. She won’t stay all night because I turn too much throughout the night. I think she is sleeping with me because it is getting cooler at night. I will have to turn on the heat soon. Well, in the night time for sure. The day doesn’t seem to be too cool yet.

I like it when Terra sits near me, or she lies nearby as she is not a lap kitty. She can be a funny girl sometimes – laying on my keyboard when I am working on my laptop or following me about the condo as I clean (I never use heavy cleaners on the floor because she tends to walk on the floor after I wiped it).

On review, I should have called this post “Terra’s Behavior.” Oh well, it’s would not have been as catchy as the one I chose.
—Robert Confiant 30 October 2018


I am here sitting watching my cat on the ottoman cleaning herself.

I have a cat named Terra. She is twelve years old. I never thought I was a ‘cat’ person. I grew up owning dogs throughout the early part of my life. For a long time, I never owned a pet.

When I moved to Vancouver and settled in, I was at a friend’s apartment who owned four cats, and I discovered they liked me. I must admit this was much a surprise as I did not really care for them; however, the youngest, a female, won my heart. My friend used to take a nap in the afternoon. One time, while my friend slept, I decided to lie down on the chesterfield and when I awoke the young, female cat was sleeping on my chest. From then onward, I was hooked.

I decided to get my own cat. Another friend of mine owned three cats; her newest, a rescue, was afraid of this friend’s other two cats. Missy would hide in the closet and she would not come out. This friend asked me to take Missy, which I did. Unfortunately, a few years later, Missy died from cancer. Afterwards, I vowed that I would not get another cat; however, this did not last long.

Two weeks later, a co-worker told me of her neighbour whose cat had a litter and they were having difficulty finding homes for the kittens. This co-worker bugged me for weeks to take a kitten and I kept saying, “No.” This co-worker kept pleading for me to adopt one of the kittens. After four weeks of this, I caved in and I agreed to adopt one of the kittens. I picked the kitten that looked very like Missy my previous cat.

For the first week, I refused to name her. During this week, my roommate suggested some names, but I could not decide on one. I wanted to observe my kitten before I named her. By the end of the week, I mentioned to said roommate that the kitten was a holy terror, and thus, I got the ideal of the name “Terra.” She has been with me ever since.


Luckily, she is a very adaptable cat. She has moved about six times, and she has dealt with three different roommates, and now, a life partner. She has dealt with more change with ease than most people have experienced in a lifetime.

Sure, she can be moody and turn on a dime, but she is affectionate in her own way, but she is not a lap kitty. Although, she is mellowing out a bit in her old age.

I love my cat, and most days, she loves me. My Terra.
—Robert Confiant 7 June 2017