Those were the days

Those were the days And what a time was had Sitting around the kitchen table A-heeing and a-hawing to those Blue Grass lyrics Dad singing and strumming With the boys by his side. Those were the days The music flowed Them hurting songs Made you want to sing along Picking and strumming those Country hits. … Continue reading Those were the days

The comings and goings in life

I re-joined Facebook. I deleted my account because of the data sharing issue, but returned because I missed connecting with friends and family (turns out my family is pretty quiet on FB lately). I returned because I live in British Columbia and they live in Ontario, so the distance thing is an issue. Also, I … Continue reading The comings and goings in life

Two strikes: Growing up gay and handicapped

I have always known I was gay. It wasn’t until I was fourteen that I knew what attraction to the same sex was called, but I knew I like boys better than girls. I tried asking girls out; it never worked. I would date once, and then that would be it. In grade school and … Continue reading Two strikes: Growing up gay and handicapped