Going along for the ride

Life is doing its thing. It’s moving ever forward, though every day seems the same. I don’t feel like I am in a rut, but life sure is. Except for the odd run to the drug store and going into work some days, I don’t do much. Everything I am doing is home bound. I … Continue reading Going along for the ride

A new page.

I was at my heaviest again after Christmas 240lbs. I am only 5’4”. Actually, I am under that 5’3.5” now that I am older. I was feeling every pound of the weight. My hips and knees ached daily. I was out of breath just moving a little bit. I have osteoarthritis and asthma, so those … Continue reading A new page.

Je parle un peu français

Parlez-vous français? My friend calls it, "Squirrel," as in the dog gets distracted from what it is currently doing by a squirrel that runs by. I use this term too, sometimes, but I sometimes used the word, "Dora," as in the fish from the movie: Finding Nemo. Whatever the circumstances, or distractions, I usually experience … Continue reading Je parle un peu français