On friendship

I have a friend who when I meet him always makes me happy and I cannot help smiling when I see him. We met for lunch yesterday with my other half. This friend invited us to a restaurant where you had to climb a set of stairs to enter from the foyer to the restaurant. … Continue reading On friendship

Gay and self-loathing

I was out with two friends for a few drinks at a local watering hole yesterday (well it was local for two of us, for the other person it used to be a local bar before he moved out of the neighbourhood). We got discussing about “the gay thing” and gay acceptance. This got me … Continue reading Gay and self-loathing

Gender roles and expectations (Dating for dating sake)

The last post I discussed that I always knew, or part of me did any way, I was gay. In the post, I stated that I dated. The word "date" here might be overstated. I grew up and attended Catholic K -8 grade school in a community where it was half Italian and half 'English' … Continue reading Gender roles and expectations (Dating for dating sake)

Thoughts on a female Doctor Who

You may not know this, but I am a huge Doctor Who fan. I have been watching doctor who since I first saw Peter Cushing in the movie re-run of Dr. Who and the Daleks. My first doctor I remember was Jon Pertwee (1970–74); my mother even watched it with us on PBS. Although the … Continue reading Thoughts on a female Doctor Who