I have had two bad nights in a row

I have had two bad nights in a row. Monday night I could not sleep and I was awake until after 1am. I am not sure why I was awake other than I just wasn't tired. There was nothing stirring my mind (there was nothing that I had to turn off which is usually what … Continue reading I have had two bad nights in a row

Music de-stresses me

Music may calm the wildest beast, but for me it helps me de-stress. When I get stressed out after a hard day, one of the things that helps me unwind, other than alcohol, is music. As a youngster, I would listen to the AM Chum music station’s Top 40 list. When I started middle school. … Continue reading Music de-stresses me

I am being more productive

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I need to be more productive with my living. I believe I have lived up to this promise. I have spent less time on social media. I am reading more, writing more (at least on this and my other (Health) blog. I am also been busy with … Continue reading I am being more productive