I have been busy writing

I’ve been away for a bit. I have been busy writingI have been working on my first book with re-editing. I published it before, but it was disastrous. I hope one day soon to get it edited properly and republish it again. Hopefully, republishing it at a cheaper cost. In the meantime, I have re-started … Continue reading I have been busy writing

Snippets of Lendaw Series Book 2

I am writing again. I stopped because of the move and my up coming marriage, but I am back at it again. Here are some snippets:   A breeze filled the room. It grew stronger and stronger. It whirled about the party of four. Still it grew faster and faster and they were gone. The … Continue reading Snippets of Lendaw Series Book 2

Dragon Fire: Book 2 of Lendaw Series (excerpt)

The creature peered into the mirror. I was handsome once; some even considered me handsome. Those days are gone. The orb demands all. It takes everything. Trae reached down, ceased the candle stick upon the table and threw it at the mirror. The mirror smashed into pieces and it fell to the floor. Enough, it … Continue reading Dragon Fire: Book 2 of Lendaw Series (excerpt)