Some thoughts on hearing news

I got some news about my aunt. It wasn’t the greatest news. It got me thinking about the old days – happier times when mom and dad were still young and alive. We used to have house parties with cousins and friends almost every weekend. My dad lived for those weekends with homemade music – … Continue reading Some thoughts on hearing news

Reading, for a change

What are you reading? I am still finishing Roddy Doyle's Smile (I have been writing lots). The story mentions abuse by Christian Brothers. A similar situation came to light here in Canada; it was one of many, which came to light around that time. I gave up my faith then. I stopped being and calling … Continue reading Reading, for a change

Almost every day

I am writing almost a new poem or some verse a day. As mentioned in the past, I take Transit to work Monday to Friday-it's a long trek. I have plenty of time to read or write. I have been writing more often than not of late. I stopped writing poetry in my early 20s. … Continue reading Almost every day

Writing lessons learned the hard way – what else? I always tend to learn the hard way.

When I sat down to write The Crux Book 1 of the Lendaw series, I wrote by not describing, which is legit for a first draft story. Here’s my tip: Complete your story in whatever means necessary to its conclusion – Don’t stop. Once completed, use the original story and edit it using a descriptive … Continue reading Writing lessons learned the hard way – what else? I always tend to learn the hard way.

What’s it all about?

What's it all about - this thing called "Life"? I wonder sometimes.  I studied both science and philosophy while I attended university (I did better in  my philosophy courses, if truth be told). I enjoyed both fields of study. Throughout history, humankind has also strived to find the meaning of life. I haven't, since my … Continue reading What’s it all about?

Rain Season

The rain season has started here on the west coast of four to six months of rain to look forward to experiencing, oh joy. Some years, I deal with it well; other years, not so much. I have been living here in the lower mainland; since, the start of 2000; it was a clean break … Continue reading Rain Season

Study, study, study

I am taking a writing course on Udemy called “Complete Creative Writing - All Genres.” The course consists of five areas: Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Creative Non-Fiction, and Creating a Digital Portfolio (I am almost finished with the Drama section). If you take the course seriously, and I do, it’s a lot of work (a lot … Continue reading Study, study, study


I am reading a fantasy novel, Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever Chronicles, which I haven’t read since I was 15 (a long time ago). I barely remember the plot, never mind the details; it’s strange how little of the story I remember. The story is a fast read. I started late last night, and I am … Continue reading Returning

On the go

I have three stories on the go: my memoir, my thriller and a ya fantasy sequel. I edited all my works this past weekend. It was only grammar corrections but a productive weekend. Now, I feel as if I  can complete my memoir, then return to work on the other two novels. My memoir is … Continue reading On the go

Beginning to normalize

I am back at it. Back at work, back at reading and writing regularly. To say life has been strange would be an understatement. The Covid isolation over this past year messed with my head. Although I didn't feel depressed, all the signs weren't in a good space. So I stopped, or almost ceased, reading … Continue reading Beginning to normalize

Everything changed, when…

I started Dantrium capsules on May 13, 2017, and my walking has never been the same; my trot vastly improved. The difference was like night and day. Before the pills, I never knew what it was like to experience relaxed leg muscles – the spasticity was gone. For the first time in my fifty-year life … Continue reading Everything changed, when…

I am writing again

I wrote this evening. My writing was something I haven’t genuinely done for a long time. Well, at least novel writing anyway. It wasn’t that I had writer’s block, no it was more insidious. The Covid situation wore my enthusiasm; I had lost any interest in things I previously enjoyed. Quite honestly, I was depressed. … Continue reading I am writing again