All that I have lost… and all that I have gained

Before for I continue, I just want you dear reader to know that I am not sad, nor depressed. I am just feeling a bit melancholy. Memories light the corners of my mindMisty water-colored memories of the way we wereScattered pictures of the smiles we left behindSmiles we gave to one another for the way … Continue reading All that I have lost… and all that I have gained

Metaphysics and all that

Have you ever wondered what it's all about – This thing called life? I was religious growing up. I even considered the priesthood once upon a time. In university, I took philosophy as my electives. The philosophy courses were interesting. I took women issues, a philosophy of Science Fiction, Metaphysics (the study of reality and being), … Continue reading Metaphysics and all that

Music de-stresses me

Music may calm the wildest beast, but for me it helps me de-stress. When I get stressed out after a hard day, one of the things that helps me unwind, other than alcohol, is music. As a youngster, I would listen to the AM Chum music station’s Top 40 list. When I started middle school. … Continue reading Music de-stresses me

Work vs writing (It’s been crazy busy)

It's crazy busy at work. I seem to be handling it okay, so that's good. It sure makes the day go by.I think one of the things which has helped make things easier is knowing I only have two more years of this. I won't be around for a third, "A light at the end … Continue reading Work vs writing (It’s been crazy busy)