It is going to be one of those winters

I haven't done much of what I should be doing I should be writing. I claim to be a writer, but I haven't done much writing lately. I been doing a lot of YouTube and some reading (there is that at least - reading), so it hasn't been a total waste of time. I am … Continue reading It is going to be one of those winters

The insidious nature of depression

I am in a good place right now, but a few friends are struggling. Depression is an insidious mental illness. I say, "Insidious," because, for those of us who don't have chronic depression due to a chemical imbalance, it creeps up on you, or you go to bed and wake up depressed. For me this … Continue reading The insidious nature of depression

Depression and life

I just listened to a TEDx talk on suicide and life. Once upon a time, I could not do this. I am told quite often that I am a strong person. They say this because I have dealt with having a disability, so well. And if I am honest, in some ways they are correct. … Continue reading Depression and life

I did not want to go into work today

I did not want to go into work today. For the most part, I love my job. The people I work with, my immediate co-workers are great. There is the coffee club (or remnants of it), the group I work with and the front line workers - all good team players (mostly). We have another … Continue reading I did not want to go into work today

One cannot just throw in the towel

When all else fails, just keep doing, keep trying, and keep moving forward. This is what having Cerebral Palsy has taught me, but that wasn't always the case. In my late teens and early twenties, I gave up. I stagnated. Before then, I was a happy, carefree, determined young man. I tried everything so called, … Continue reading One cannot just throw in the towel

Gay and self-loathing

I was out with two friends for a few drinks at a local watering hole yesterday (well it was local for two of us, for the other person it used to be a local bar before he moved out of the neighbourhood). We got discussing about “the gay thing” and gay acceptance. This got me … Continue reading Gay and self-loathing

Change is the cornerstone of my life

It happens once in a while. I get melancholy. I miss people and home sometimes it almost breaks my heart. I know I have built myself a good life here, but with dad's birthday just passed, I am thinking of past times. God... We had good times. But then I remember those last three years, … Continue reading Change is the cornerstone of my life