Learning to love oneself

I cannot always say that I have loved the person I am. When I was a youngster, I never gave the idea of: “Loving oneself,” much thought. I only wanted to be accepted and fit in. I think most of us kids felt this way. When you’re a kid all you want is to be … Continue reading Learning to love oneself

Getting philosophical

For every query there is an answer, although that answer maybe a long time coming. Some answers are easily Googled; while some require life experience, whether from learning through experience, or by asking someone else. Some questions maybe answered through learning; while still other questions maybe answered in another life (near or at the time … Continue reading Getting philosophical

I no longer do religion

I grew up strict Roman Catholic. I was pretty "goody, goody" as a kid growing up. The first time I swore was when I was in Grade 7, and I did so on a dare. I remember it clearly. There were only a handful of boys in the classroom with me and they kept promoting … Continue reading I no longer do religion