Writing lessons learned the hard way – what else? I always tend to learn the hard way.

When I sat down to write The Crux Book 1 of the Lendaw series, I wrote by not describing, which is legit for a first draft story. Here’s my tip: Complete your story in whatever means necessary to its conclusion – Don’t stop. Once completed, use the original story and edit it using a descriptive … Continue reading Writing lessons learned the hard way – what else? I always tend to learn the hard way.

The Crux status and writing process

I heard it said that some writers plot out their stories, and I have too, at times.The Crux began with the protagonist, Jenna. The character of Jenna popped into my head and I had to sit immediately to write.I wrote the Prologue, the first and last chapters, and then the chapter titles with a brief … Continue reading The Crux status and writing process

It’s been a productive weekend

It's been a busy weekend, considering I work full-time. I worked on revising my first novel; it was a productive weekend.I created two new chapters - actually, I only broke two chapters in half and revised them. I am almost a third of the way through the book.I work most of the week, so I … Continue reading It’s been a productive weekend

Lendaw Book 1 – Revision

The sky was cloudy that late October day, with crepuscular rays peeking through the clouds. The overtly large black dog sat atop the hill, the only hill for miles and miles; the vast land below stretched flatly for miles and miles. Alistair could see the town, now-nearly a city below. He knew the girl lived … Continue reading Lendaw Book 1 – Revision


I am reading a fantasy novel, Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever Chronicles, which I haven’t read since I was 15 (a long time ago). I barely remember the plot, never mind the details; it’s strange how little of the story I remember. The story is a fast read. I started late last night, and I am … Continue reading Returning

On the go

I have three stories on the go: my memoir, my thriller and a ya fantasy sequel. I edited all my works this past weekend. It was only grammar corrections but a productive weekend. Now, I feel as if I  can complete my memoir, then return to work on the other two novels. My memoir is … Continue reading On the go

A new plan

  I completed chapter two of my memoir and began chapter three this morning. Iam writing, and I came up with a new plan. Currently I have three works on the go with none of them completed. I havedecided to alternate between each novel: my memoir, the suspense/thriller noveland the sequel to The Crux. By … Continue reading A new plan

Books I wish that I read before I took up writing

As many of you are aware, I am writing the second book of a series. In the series, I created the scenario where there is 10 years in Lendaw for every 1 year of Earth. I wish I had done this differently as I find this time frame a bit restrictive. After I self published … Continue reading Books I wish that I read before I took up writing

Metaphysics and all that

Have you ever wondered what it's all about – This thing called life? I was religious growing up. I even considered the priesthood once upon a time. In university, I took philosophy as my electives. The philosophy courses were interesting. I took women issues, a philosophy of Science Fiction, Metaphysics (the study of reality and being), … Continue reading Metaphysics and all that