Plan for the week – writing

I was only going to take Thursday and Friday off this week, but then I decided to take the whole week off as I had the time, and quite frankly, I could use the time off. It has been crazy busy at work and it really hasn’t slowed much, and I don’t see things slowing down in the foreseeable future.

I am not doing to much. I am going to write and to rest. I have an eye appointment early in the week, but that’s it. I am going to write and rest. I afraid, other than the two blogs I maintain, I haven’t done much writing. It’s about time that changed. I am not “stuck” per se, but I have procrastinated long enough. I do not have writer’s block or anything similar. It just feels like a task lately. I am not sure why. I find doing these two blogs to be more of an interest.

Why do writers tend to procrastinate? I am sure I am not the only one. I find this writing craft to be very strange. Some days, the task of writing is very difficult; while other days, it flows very easily. I am finding it easier to write on the blog than it is my next book. Perhaps this is because of the reaction that writing on the blog provides. The number of views and/or likes is like a stimulant. It keeps me writing. The novel writing; however, does not provide me with this immediate recognition. Perhaps the reason I find it difficult to stay with the book is because this acknowledgement is missing. Either way, I know I must get back to writing the book, if I wish to complete it.

The trials of writing.
—Robert Confiant 3 March 2019

Writing ideas

Some of my best writing ideas come either when I am in bed, or riding on transit. When I am in bed, I don’t always get up and not them down (I think I will change this as I miss out on some juicy titbits). A few of these ideas might lead to nowhere in the long term, but a few might lead to some gems.

I woke up last night a few times with the same idea in my head. I never jotted it down while I was in bed, but because I woke up numerous times, and because it was the same idea, I never forgot it (This is unusual; I almost always forget). I noted it after I awoke. I am taking this as a sign that I need to follow this through as far as it will go. It will mean a lot of research and a lot of note taking and story and character development, but I think it will be worth it. If successful, it will be a novel of epic proportions, and my biggest work to date. I still have other works I wish to complete, so I am talking years here (My very long term project).

This writing for a living is an odd venture to take up. I do it because I love to write. I may never be famous, but I enjoy the craft. It took me a long time to find my vocation, but I truly found what I love to do. Everyone should find their passion which make this 9 to 5 existence bearable (One needs to exist, but one doesn’t necessarily have to stick with one aspect of living).

The issue with writing is one never knows when they’ll get an idea, or urge to write which is why I keep a writing app on my phone. If I am in the middle of something and I get the urge to write, then I can note it down, and edited later. As I said, “I do a lot of writings while taking the bus as I have a solid hour to write without any interruptions.” The truth be told, “I get a lot of work for my blog done while taking transit.”

So that’s what is up with me, what are you working on, if anything? It really doesn’t matter as long as you find your passion. If you can find your passion and make it a career, then it’s all the better.
— Robert Confiant 22 February 2019

I find one cannot go back

This weekend, a guy on Facebook posted a video where the contractors’ had boarded up his old neighborhood court prior to demolition. They are redeveloping the project I grew up an area at a time. This got me Googling my old court house. It was still intact, but the court beside ours was redeveloped with a condo/low income own-to-buy.

I got to thinking about our next house, a small bungalow. It hadn’t change much except a separate side entrance to upstairs and an influence big ass tree in the front desperately requiring trimming.

It is sometimes good to look at the old neighborhood where one grew up or lived in; however, one can never really go back. I know. I tried it once or twice. It never truly felt the same. Years ago, I met an old childhood friend, who before he moved away was one of my closest friends. The two visits we had were good visits, but we never truly connected on the level we once shared. We were older and we went on to live different lives which we never shared. Time moves on and people change. It’s that simple. We were no longer kids with childhood issues such as getting through school. We were adults trying to etch out our careers and to find someone to share our lives with (Well, he was anyway. I wasn’t dating, nor wanting to). Long story short, we were heading down different paths.

I learned then that one can never go back no matter how much one would like.
— Robert Confiant 19 February 2019

Letting the sun shine in

The truth be told, “I wrote this on the way home from work last night.”

“Let the sun shine, let the sun shine, the sun shine in.

Let the sun shine, let the sun shine, the sun shine in.

Let the sun shine, let the sun shine, the sun shine in.”

Aquarius – The 5th Dimension 

It still sunny! It’s almost 5:30 PST and it is still sunny. 

What a glorious feeling! With all the snow the last few days, it feels good. My spirit is soaring with delight. It was a sunny day most of today and my mood brightened with the rays of sunshine pouring over me. Even though I work in doors, I took some time to absorb some rays; this put me in a good mood. It’s quite a chance from the last few days.

The past few days made me feel blue. I hadn’t realized it because I’ve been so busy at work. Until today, the sunny disposition I felt shed light on how blue I was feeling. I am not a fan of snow and now I know this fact definitively. My eyes are wide open to the fact that winter puts me in a Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) mood. I have a light for SAD, but I haven’t used it much this winter. In hindsight, I think I made a bad decision in not using my lamp more this winter.

—Robert Confiant 14 February 2018

A better commute this morning

The SkyTrain was slow this morning; apparently, they are driving them manually (the system is automated and the snow keeps triggering the sensors; thus, the trains shut down? So, the train system is being overridden and the trains are being driven manually.

The roads; however, are clear of snow, so the buses are running well. Although, the drivers a driving more cautiously, i.e., more slowly. I am making okay time though. I may be a little bit late. It can’t be helped. I leave early as it is. I cannot leave much earlier than I already do without getting up an hour or two earlier than I already am.

I do the best I can there are only two or three buses earlier than the one I take. I can’t walk to the SkyTrain station in this weather; most of the sidewalks are not shoveled.

It seems I, like Vancouver, don’t do well in snow.
— Robert Confiant 13 February 2019

A better commute this morning

The forecast called for more snow last night. Luckily, it was only a dusting and most forecasters got it wrong. The commute into work is going easier this morning. Although, the bus was a little late and as a result it is crowded. I got a seat, which is good as I could not stand the whole trip to work.

It’s snowing steadier out this way (Richmond). There wasn’t much in New Westminster. I am beginning to wonder if I should have stayed home. “The deed is done,” I think I’ve been reading/watching too much Sherlock Holmes LOL. I will worry about it later today. I am the only clerk in until Thursday, so I feel an obligation to make it in to work. Besides, we’ve been crazy busy. There have been a lot of applications coming in both new and changes. I have managed to keep up, but my other work is lacking; although, I have been trying to do a bit of those duties too. It hasn’t been easy. I sure hope they hire someone so, but it probably won’t happen until March sometime (eight months the job will have been vacant). Oh, well.

The bus is moving slow and steady. Richmond is experiencing more snow. As long as I get to work safe, I don’t care how long the trip to work takes. It gives me time to write. I love to write when I get time.

This think, this writing, it balances my normal “9 to 5” existence. It keeps me going. I found the one thing that makes my day-to-day existence bright; although, I do have a good home life and a loving partner and a pet. Life overall is good. No complaints.

Robert Confiant 12 February 2019

It’s snowing and Vancouver cannot handle it

It’s snowing and Vancouver cannot handle it. I must say though New Westminster got a handle on its roads The roads in New West were somewhat cleared of snow.

Snowing in New Westminster (New West)

The SkyTrain and buses this morning, well the buses out New West way we’re okay, but the SkyTrain was partially down (This happens almost every snowfall). The tracks just cannot handle snow. I took me an hour just to go two stops to catch my bus (It will still take at least another hour to get to work). I’M,be informed my supervisor.

Vancouver area can barely handle a dusting of snow, never mind 10 to 15cm. It crazy really, but that’s the reality. I guess I should have left as soon as I awoke, but the SkyTrain still would have been an issue; although, it would have been less crowded. Oh well, I will cut my lunch time in half the next two days to make up for the lost time. It is good I usually leave early. I would be even later at work otherwise. But my family and friends back east would kill themselves laughing if they saw how we react here in the Lower Mainland when it comes to a bit of snow (Just Google “Vancouver news”).

The bus is good though. It is moving well. I just hope there are no accidents along the way. Most people drive too fast or too close too each other which isn’t good when most vehicles do not have winter tires. In fact some people here drive like it’s the middle of summer here. It is no wonder why those who speed end up in accidents. They lack common sense, if you ask me.

I love the Vancouver area. I like the covenant of having cities surrounded by the beauty and wonder of the ocean, rivers, mountains, and trees. This is why I like living here. But the way some people are…

Well sometimes, I just have to shake my head.
— Robert Confiant 11 February 2019